Today I will provide a complete detail about Netflix. How you can use Netflix and watch movies on Netflix completely free of cost? What is the difference between Netflix and youtube?

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Netflix is one of the video streaming platforms, Today’s date it will provide you content. It will provide on-demand movies on Netflix. For those who don’t know what is video streaming platform, I will like to focus on it.
Video streaming platform means as you view youtube videos. You can also watch the best movies on Netflix on different devices like a mobile device, computer, laptop, smart television, etc. Basically, You need a good internet connection to view a live video streaming platform. And you need a device to watch the movies on Netflix and youtube.
Before there is a radio, Slowly television came to and people forgot to listen to the radio. And today another trend is on the way, In a future video, the streaming platform will finish the trend of television. In the sector of the live streaming platform, youtube and Netflix is the best, where you can enjoy the best movies to watch on Netflix and youtube.
Today’s people became lots of busy. More than 80% of people forgot to watch television. They like to view each and every content online. They prefer to watch movies on Netflix online.
So video streaming means before the content which peoples usually use to watch on television. They started to watch on mobile devices.
For example, Youtube, Netflix movies, Amazon prime videos are some of the popular platforms of video streaming apps. Where viewers enjoy the different web series, best movies to watch on Netflix, youtube, and Amazon Prime videos.


WHAT IS NETFLIX:- Netflix is one of the popular video streaming platforms, Where you can watch the best movies on Netflix. Usually, Netflix companies make lots of videos content themself. It is known as Netflix original where you can find different movies on Netflix. If you want to watch the live streaming movies of Netflix then you need to go to an official website and its own application to watch the best movies on Netflix.
lots of people don’t know, what is Netflix? because some people think after viewing an advertisement on a different platform it will show in a movie theater or television?
Many peoples have confused, But the reality is that movies on Netflix will be shown on Their original official website or their original mobile application.


NETFLIX:-Netflix is a video streaming platform, Where there is a right to upload a Netflix movie to its platform Netflix only. There might be the content of best tv shows And the best movies on Netflix. The second thing Netflix them self buy movies in the Netflix from any other brand, and upload the best movies to watch on Netflix for the paid subscribers. To enjoy the best movies on Netflix of all time.
There is no public content, They will show the clips on Netflix, Whatever they want to show. the viewer needs to take a subscriber And pay a monthly rental to enjoy the best movies to stream on Netflix.

YOUTUBE:- Features are vastly different between Youtube and Netflix. Youtube is a public platform, Where the body can provide the content. Anyone can make their own channel and they are free to provide any content. And it pays the channel owners, According to the viewers.
So youtube is also another video streaming apps. But Youtube is different than Netflix. Youtube earn from advertisement so it is totally free for the public.

2>HISTORY OF NETFLIX:- Netflix was founded in 1997 ad in California U.S.A. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Before Netflix used to provide D.V.D on a rental basis.
Slowly it increases its business. And Netflix started to provide its D.V.D online. Slowly they started online streaming. And started to provide film on NetFlix. After that, they built millions of audiences. Today’s date Netflix served more than 190 countries. If I talk about the Subscribers based on Netflix.
It has huge subscribers in the world. there are more than 125 million subscribers.
And 4.5 million subscribers are from the U.S.A only. So there is a very big user base in the U.S.A.
I talk about India. Before Netflix is not serious about India before 2015. Because Company thinks that many of Indian people are not using the internet.

From 2016 internet inter in India like a big revolution. When reliance JIO lunch its internet and voice calling completely free for the user. At that period many peoples used to use the internet in India.
Now India ranks top 10 internet data users in the world.
This is all because of Reliance Jio. Because of jio Internet come in India in a very low price range.

3>NETFLIX AND YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTION:- There is only one way of earning Netflix, And that is from the Subscription of the users. If you are using youtube. Then you are forced to watch the advertisement. And youtube earns from that advertisement. So that youtube is free for the users.
If you open the channel from that youtube took 45% from the advertisement. Because they provide us a free platform. And 54% of revenue would be given to the content creator.
But this is different in Netflix, Netflix would not show any advertisement. So these all companies like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. These video streaming company will earn from subscribers. If you like to enjoy NetFlix original movies then you need to pay for it.


1> Mobile:- It comes with 199 Indian rupees for a one-month subscription. The video quality comes with just a Good quality. And the video resolution in the mobile plans come with 480p. Not allowed to watch on television in the mobile plan.

2> Basic:- It comes with 499 Indian rupees for a one-month subscription. Video quality comes with just a Good. Video resolutions in the BASIC plans come with 480p. This plan is the same as MOBILE plans. But it allowed watching on Television.

3> Standard:- It cost 649 Indian rupees for the one-month subscription. Video resolution comes with 1080p in this STANDER plan. It comes with better quality video. It allowed watching on television and mobile both.

4> Premium:- It comes with 799 Indian rupees for a one-month subscription. Video quality comes with BEST. The video resolution in the Premium plans come with 4K+ HDR. It’s supported both On the computer, Television, and Mobile device.


The first-month subscription to Netflix is totally free of cost. If you want to enjoy a free subscription then you need to provide details of debit card and credit detail.
From the second month, it will automatically deduct the payment from your account directly. But if you don’t like to pay from the next month then you can cancel the subscription. Then they will not deduct it from your account.


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