If you are thinking about purchasing a brand new mobile phone, It always remains complex for us to find out which one is right and which one is wrong.

Day by day new brand of mobiles phones are launching rapidly in an expressway, Today I will highlight some pointer about the new features which are recently upgraded in a mobile trend.

That is very much important to review each and everything to consider before buying a new mobile phone. this is useful for every-one for example if you are looking for a budget phone, for this you needed to find the best phone in the middle range.

If you have knowledge about recently launched each and every new feature then you can find a prime mobile phone in the middle range to buy.


Today, I am going to provide the important justification of mobile processors, and those are very important things to consider before buying a new mobile phone. And the good thing is that if you buy a smartphone in 2020, usually the processor in them will be really good. That it doesn’t take much time and some time in UI or if you click on small AAP like Twitter x, Facebook, YouTube which takes 2-3 seconds to load.
so this is very effective, If you want to purchase a brand new phone even with the budget range. You should ignore the Snapdragon 4X of chipset Because some sellers are offering some phones with Snapdragon 430,439 at the same price.
So be careful that I would say that Media-Tech Helio chipset is one for the best example. You can find Helios P 70 SOC for around seven-eight thousand Indian rupees. So this is really a good point about the Helio P 70 in a mid-range phone.
Let’s talk about mid-range mobile phones. The World’s most popular mobile devices. Usually, some sellers release many phones at a low price rate. but the processor gives a larger generation and the best in mid-range devices.
For a good deal in mid-range phones. If you are going with snapdragon 675 or 660. Snapdragon scenic series is the best to purchase. These are very important things to consider before buying a new mobile phone.
In the scenic series, Snapdragon 710,712 comes on the end level. and even the new one Snapdragon 720G is really great.
The most ideal decisions in the power of terms and performance. those are very powerful. If you want to play a lot of games and stuff you can have a Snapdragon 730G, Which is best for gaming in the high memory consumer games.
If you want to go for media-tech we have G90 and P90 etc. They perform actually the best. On the flagship, we can get the processor of Snapdragon 865 that you can get for the best gaming and stuff.
But again if you are going to purchase a mid-range phone in Samsung. Which brand is very popular. If it is Samsung it keeps other things back. But at least Exynos 9611 is needed for good performance. Because it had 10 nano-meter processors. But the earlier Exynos is not performing the good.  Read more………



Another important thing on a mobile phone is storage. I say at least 32Gb is required in a middle-range phone. But for the budget-oriented phone, it doesn’t make a good seans. I want to suggest at-lest 64 Gigabytes should be minimum storage ideally in a mobile device. These are very important things to consider before buying a new mobile phone.

If you want to use your mobile device for a long period, I would suggest going for 128 gigabytes. It will perform best for a long period. For example, if you have an external memory card slot, But also a different application which you would install in your devices for example Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc they will directly decide the internal memory of your device. So I suggest 128 gigabytes is the best. You can go away with a minimum of 32 and 64 gigabytes of internal storage also.
Don’t expect this in the middle range and low budget devices.
But also in the middle-range phones make sure it has 2.1 UFS storage as mostly mid-range phones are coming with a 48-megapixel camera. Even some are coming with 64 megapixels. So you need a capacity of Storage which is very fast to right.
If it’s not performing quickly you will have to face different problems while clicking photography, It’s all because the storage is not simply performing faster in the device. It’s important things to consider before buying a new mobile phone.
let’s talk about the higher range variants you can get a flagship of UFS 3.0 storage or 3.1.


Ram is one of the most important factors that we need to judge before purchasing a mobile phone, presently coming to the RAM. Firstly I would like to say stay away from the Low range devices, which is about 6000 to 7,000 Indian rupees mobile phones.
we are seeing that android is getting heavier and heavier within each age and a considerable lot of the mainstream apps are getting heavier, So They need lots of Ram to run the heavier apps the same time. having 2 gigabytes of Ram is not a good idea, So always try to avoid 2GB of RAM.
So I can suggest at least 3 gigabyte of mobile phone is simply good for budget-oriented mobile phone
For the mid-range, I can offer at least 4 gigabytes but ideally, I like to say go with 6 gigabytes of RAM.
However, I will tell you better with gigabytes as I revealed to you that New phones come with a lot of comparable megapixel cameras and are expected to handle forward and good pictures, so I want to state mid-range phones are coming at least 48-64 megapixel of camera. So we need a lot of space to run the higher megapixel of the camera smoothly in our device. So I want to say the minimum bare of a mid-range phone is 4 gigabytes, But I would like to lean for 6 gigabytes for the better performance
.Some of the vendors on a high-end are offering 8gigabytes and 12 gigabytes, 8 gigabytes is enough to perform better than better performance. I personally want to suggest that 12 gigabytes are not simply needed for us. these are the things to consider before buying a new mobile phone


The 5g phones that we are using are not so hopefully powerful. After one-Two years we can get many 5G devices in the low range. That will be very powerful in the low range of smartphones. So in India, It will not simply a good idea to go for a 5G in a very high range, Because India is lunching 5g In 2023.  These is the things to consider before buying a new mobile phone. READ MORE

Screen That’s the most important thing about the smartphone.

Today I don’t want to discuss the mobile screen size. We just can’t find the small size of the mobile screen in the recent market. So we will directly move towards a screen size of six-inch anywhere.
because in the previous version thick blaze is used on the bottom and top of the phone. Now the aspect ratio has been modified than the previous version. And they don’t use any base in the recent phones. So this is the reason many of the vendors are able to provide a very big screen, a very smaller end with six inches and more than six-point nine, six-point seven, etc. So today’s mobile screens come with a bigger screen. We can found six inches screens in very lower ends phones, And many vendors are offering six-point seven and seven inches.
Six-point seven and seven inches are slightly bigger. So I want to suggest six points four and six point five is a perfect size.

Some vendors are offering TFT LCD display in very low budget phones. But I want to suggest don’t go for TFT display in very low budget phones. Because side angles in the display are really very bad, It will perform better in straight angles only.
In the higher range of smartphones, it’s better to choose IPS led display. Because the color combination can perform the best, And you can find the best viewing angles. There are good things about IPS led screen.
let’s talk about the brightness level of IPS led display, Mainly they Specify 408 to 515 in the high-range mobile phones’ TFT display. And in the higher end, you can find the Mejia brightness will go. So that you can visible easily from any angle.

The battery is one of the very important parts of the phone. Before purchasing the phones we really have to review the battery at the first steps. In my opinion, middle-end phones will perform best than lower-end phones. Less than 4000 MAH battery will not perform better. You can be used for a typical one day with a 4000 MAh battery.
But if you are a heavy game lover and If you want to use mobile for a long time 5000 to 6000 MAH battery is the best solution.
Fast charging is also another factor that we should notice before purchasing a mobile phone. We will not able to get fast charging in very- low budget phones. Where you can get just a 10-watt charger. You should have to wait a long time to fill the battery.
Let’s talk about the mid-range phones, Always try to get more information and review the fast charging in mid-range phones. Whether it is 15 watts or 20 watts.
On the higher-range smartphones, you can get 25 watts, 30 watts, 40 watts,s, and 45 watts or whether it supports power delivery or not. these are the important things to consider before buying a new mobile phone.

Now talking about other things is a software updating cycle and this differs from the ground to brand. always try to review the history of the mobile company. Did they give the update times in history or they did not? Does it give a speedily update or it didn’t.
Be careful with certain brands that lunch an excessive number of gadgets,
Since what can happen is that in the event. they lunch such a large number of gadgets, at that point in the update cycle will back off. So that is likewise something that you need to note.
So this is additionally a significant viewpoint about android redesigns numerous individuals discussing that even on higher-range advanced cell phones. recently just have two patterns of IOS And Android update cycle.

Presently discussing camera megapixels isn’t all that matters for the best quality pictures and videos.
Furthermore, I am likewise not a firm devotee of having five different cameras at the rear of your camera. I would state if a cell phone is having various cameras you need to look at it is that.
On the high range, mobile devices ensure it has optical picture adjustment for better quality. Many of the vendors will provide a higher megapixel in mid-range smartphones. again a large portion of them will do pixel winning.
Those brands will win in megapixel only but the quality will remain really very bad. So again don’t go with the higher megapixel. Always try to review the actual quality of photos and videos. For example, the quality of 48 megapixels of some devices will not perform fine at all. But some of the devices will provide exactly the 48 megapixels of the camera sensor. You can find the quality will be a vast difference in those two different mobile devices.