This is the age of the internet, Today’s date Social-media become the main enemy of people’s careers.

People forgot what exactly is their goals in life. Day by day Social-media is misused by peoples.

Students and peoples are becoming addicted day by day.Peoples are giving the very biggest time to Social-media and become a Social media addiction, like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube e.t.c.

Lots of people have their logic, that they are using a Smartphone to gain the lots of good education through Wikipedia, Google, and Youtube, etc.
But slowly the situation will not remain the same.

Slowly they divert the mind into chatting, posting the photos and updating the status, And waiting for likes and comments, and checking notifications and messages, again and again, In every 5-5 minutes.

They update their Status more than 15 times a day, where they are going, what they are eating, Whom they are meeting, In which location they are check-in in and check out.

They will post the status even if their pets are not barking.
Slowly the brain will start to make a pattern of Social-media addiction.

This type of social media addiction is more dangerous.
This is like people used to take a tea in the early morning Because they have addicted to the nicotine.
If they don’t get the tea in time then they can suffer from headaches and They are not able to make a day good.
This is the same as a social media addition.

If they don’t check Social media, again and again, they will become crazy.If the wifi will not work even just for 20 minutes.

They will become more aggressive and started calling the wifi operator like crazy.
Day by day social media addition become the main problem for the future generation.

Because Student is not able to concentrate in the study And peoples are not able to achieve their future goal perfectly.


Social media is not a bad things.It will become always a good teacher if you use it perfectly.

Social media is like a mud, U can give it to any shape and make different kinds of cups, plates, spoons, etc.

Either u can make good things or you can make a bad thing that is in your hand.

The people’s those who have a mature mind, And those who can command their mind,

They can easily set the time table for the social media whether they can use it for hardly half an hour per day.
And at the free time, they can focus on their own ambition to achieve their goal.
And either they can make a mindset not to use Social media. But we can get these kinds of peoples only in a few numbers.


If you become a real addict to social media.Then firstly you can buy a basic phone.

Buy a features phone and Sold the smartphone which you have right now.Use a sim card on that same basic phone.

Use your basic phone to communicate with the peoples.
If you want to use a Smartphone then buy a phone with low space.

If you don’t have more ram on your mobile devices.
Which will not Support installing an application on your mobile device.

Use that device just to receive the calls. And also you can fill the data in that device.


 For the online study, you can buy a tablet that will not support the sim card.

If you want to use the sim card then don’t recharge the data. instead of that, you can use wifi.

Either you can generate the hotspots from the previous smartphone.
Generally, education websites will consume low data and they are not so heavier.

In this situation, you can’t use a social media application on a smartphone with low internal storage.
And you can use a tablet phone just for education propose.

And you can use only a govt website, Google, and Wikipedia only through a browser.
The main benefit of this is your brain will not distraction.

You can manage the calling and data in two different parts.
By this process, you can make a distance from social media, Which has a lot of negative impacts. Try to leave the chat groups.

Use a chat group only for educational propose.
Lots of the schools and Colleges ban chatting in the group.

Many of the children question that why they ban chatting in the group. Because of chatting students are wasting a time.
If you are a student and We are the teacher, We created a what’s apps group, Just to download the pdf file and focus on the study.

What is happening, what is not happening, What we have to study. For this students don’t need to take input for this.
And Try to utilize the things at a certain time. Read more


If you want to face a higher level of people directly then you try to balance your body language and try to impress people, like your boss, respected peoples, Teachers, your girlfriend father e.t.c.

But social media will directly show that what you are If you post a photo that you are smoking, drinking, traveling with unofficial peoples.

It will make a bad impact with peoples those you don’t want to share.
If you write any comment to the teacher, friend, relative e.t.c. Each and everybody knows what you commented.
So try to control the uses of social media, always try to be creative and positive.

If things are not your favor then that is always better to avoid.
I am not telling you not to use WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Use them but in a proper way and limited them.
Don’t try to grow a negative impact of social media.

Today if you stay alone and focus on study and if you become successful.
Don’t request to like your photo today.

One day people will upload your photo to their profile.If you focus on your study and if you give a best to achieve your goal.

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