iPhone 12 pro max or iPhone 11 pro max review

iPhone 12 pro Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max review Which phone is better to purchase in this current situation. iPhone 11pro Max should be taken or hold on for I-phone 12 pro max. Or should prebook the iPhone 12 pro max. Which is going to be lunch in November. Today we are going to discuss the same topics.

Because of the number of reviews that have come from all i-phone 11 pro max and i-phone 12 pro max. And pro max which always brings some special features here.

What are the special features in it and how does it compare to iPhone 11 pro max.

Let us discuss this topic today. Firstly we have to take a look at the design and looks. Both phones over here side is made of stainless steel. But in iPhone 11pro Max you get to see rounded corners.

Where the side design of the iPhone 12 pro max actually looks like the old design of the 5s series, Both phones are made of stainless still materials. Both look very premium and very nice. Due to the flat on the side of the i-phone 12 pro max, it looks very nice and premium. Along with being flat the glass that Apple has given in the front and back in i-phone 12 pro max, the glass is more attractive.

The notch display in the iPhone 12 Pro Max will look smaller than others. If you see on the backside, then in the center you will see the logo of Apple. And at the top, there is 3 camera setup on both mobile phones. But in i-phone 12pro max, you can found one liders scanner near to the camera.     Read more- Best iPhone to buy

The height of the i-phone 11 pro max is 158.0 mm (6.22″)
The height of the i-phone 12 pro max is 160.8mm (6.33″)
The weight of the i-phone 11 pro max is 77.8 mm. (3.06″)
The weight of the i-phone 12 pro max is
The depth of i-phone11 pro max is 8.1 mm (0.32 “)
The depth of the i-phone 12 pro max is 7.4mm (0.29″)
The weight of the i-phone 11 pro max is 226 grams (7.97 ounces)
The weight of the i-phone 12 pro max is 226 grams (7.96 ounces)


I phone 12 pro max inbuild with 5G.but 11 pro max come with 4G. It would be better to choose 12 pro max for the high-tech speed internet.
India is planning to set up 5G internet to 2023 and many other countries. It’s a bad idea to choose the 12 pro max just for 5G internet in a very high range mobile device. If you want to hold the same device for a long time then it will be a better idea to buy 12 pro max.

But other than America, there will be a network speed of 6 GIGABYTES in the iPhone 12 pro max in all other countries. That is going to be slower than the MM web.

Here in India iPhone, 12 pro max price starts from 136900 Indian rupees. before the cost of the iPhone 11 pro max is nearly 110000 Indian rs but now iPhone has significantly increased the price. if you get a cheap deal in iPhone 11 pro max for example 70 to 80 thousand Indian rupees.

Then it will be best to buy the iPhone 11 pro max. Otherwise, it will be stupid to buy an iPhone 11 pro max for saving extra 10,20 thousand rupees. if you are using iPhone 11 pro max .but if you have more money then you can go to iPhone 12 pro max.

If you always want to keep the best things in your hand you can buy an iPhone 12 pro max. otherwise, the iPhone 11 pro max or iPhone 12 pro max are not going to bring so many significant changes



Image source:https://www.apple.com/in/iphone-12-pro/

i-PHONE 12 pro max comes with a 6.7 “super retina XDR display
I-phone 11 pro max comes with a 6.5″ display
The picture density of both is the same it comes with 458 PPI.
brightness and contrast ratio are also the exactly same. If we talk about display There is hardly not so a difference in the display. So there is very much difficult to find out difference between 6.5″ and 6.7″ display. But that production of the iPhone 12 and Max will be moved to the next level of the iPhone.
ceramic shield glass has been used in the next level i-phone. and it is tougher than any other smartphone. It is better than gorilla glass. Both are very heavier and high-class phone. There is very little chance of breaking glass.


features of i-phone 11 pro max and i phone 12 pro max

Let’s talk about the camera of the iPhone 11 pro and 12 Pro. iPhone 12 pro will be better than 11 pro max. The iPhone gave some better features in 12 pro max. And You will see more light capture in a wide-angle lens with 12 megapixels of camera. And a high dynamic range will be better in 12 pro max. Because HDR 3 Is supported.

Now talking about the video here 4k videos will be supported in each and every camera of back and front. And night mode is also supported in the video camera.No matter if it is front or back camera.

Battery capacity

Talking about the battery, The iPhone 11 pro max has a higher battery capacity than the iPhone 12 pro max. Overall Output of 11 pro max and 12 pro max is the same. where you will get video playback and audio playback for the same hours.
Talking about charging, Here you will get fast charging support from an equal amount on both devices. If you put a 20-watt charger on both and keep it on charge then it will give you a full charge in about an hour.

But Magnet is given in the back of the iPhone 12 pro max. Because of the magnet, you can charge the iPhone 12 pro max with the accessories of MagSafe. and you can charge the device without a plugin to the charging connector.


Here buyers can get IP68 In both 11 and 12 pro max. The 11 Pro max supports waterproofing up to a maximum of 4 meters. And 12 Pro max support up to 6 meters. For this, it doesn’t matter so much. You are not going to take the mobile at the time of swimming. Because Apple will not give you any warranty for water damage.

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