Today we will discuss What is Google drive? How to use Google drive?

Lots of the peoples know about Google drive, And it is in building with each and every android devices. But lots of people don’t know how to use google drive and what is the advantage of Google drive. So today I will make a discussion on the same topics.


Google Drive is one of the best products of Google. Before eight years ago Google launched Google drive. And this is one of the online stores. Google drive work as a memory card. And it saved its memory online. Users just need to remember the user name and password of Gmail id. Then after that, they can view the memory in any other android and computer device, And Google drive provides online free service from all over the world. It will provide us 15 Gb of space. But users can increase the capacity of space by purchasing the plans of Google drive. Before users used to use a memory card in the devices to save the favorite music videos, photos, audio songs, etc. But it becomes riskier with memory cards. The life of a single memory card is one to five years. After that memory card will not work. And the user has to lose each and every data whatever they save on memory card. In some cases if any phone certainly stops working or dead and if the memory card stopped working then you can simply log in to google drive and you can get all the important memory of your life within a second.

BENEFIT OF GOOGLE DRIVE:- The memory card which you have in your devices is just a physical memory card. That is just a physical that may broke, And you may lost that thing, Any thing can happen with that physical product. Then after that you have to lost your sweet moments memories. It heard so bad. Same thing you need to face with phone also. That may broke, you may lost etc. Google drive is online service. From where you can upload contact. Todays date contact is most important for every budy. By which we can communicate with every budy. So firstly convert your contact file into VCF and upload. Then only we can keep in touch with every one. Another important things are photos and videos. So you don’t need to worry about all these important data. yours sweet memory will always remain with you, through Google drive. So always try to save yours important photos, videos and contact in Google drive.

LOG IN TOGOOGLE DRIVE:- Firstly we need to make a gmail Id, Or you can use a older gmail Id which you normally use to log in gmail. Google drive gives you the 15 gb of online storage, Which is free of cost. Which you can remotely access any where from the world. It is very easy to loginto google drive. It will auto remind your gmail id, which you use to access your gmail. And you can simply Google drive log in a very simplest way. After Google drive log in we can get 15 gb of space to upload the media files and contact