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CLICKBANK What kinds of products do we need to promote on Click Bank on your blog and website?

Clickbank Plays the role of mediator, Where if any company and person manufacture any product.

If they don’t have any team, marketing staff, to sell the product.

Then they will join the click bank, And they can upload the product in Clickbank.
Thousand of affiliated marketers will choose the product, And they can upload the product to their website,

What is ClickBank?

If they have a lot of traffic on their personal website and if they have a group in the Social media for example Facebook, Instagram e.t.c.
Where they promote the product.

If somebody clicks the link and buys the product, then they can earn the commission from that product.
Clickbank provides 10% To 90% of the commission.

Click bank will approve a blog website instantly and very fastly. It works the same as a ads sens.
It doesn’t work as an amazon, where amazon has their product.

Amazon will pay 10% of the commission to the affiliated marketer.


The click bank doesn’t have its own product. Click here for login

After login to the Clickbank, you can see all the updates of translation history, Report (where you can see the report in deep level) Affiliated marketplace (this is one of the important to see the detailed categories of product list.

After all, you can find the different kinds of categories of the marketplace, where you can choose the different kinds of products to upload to your personal website.

According to your blog content.
Lots of the affiliated websites will not allow promoting in email, Facebook, etc, But Clickbank is one of the best platforms.

Which allowed promoting the product on any platform.

Click bank

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