Nokia:- Finland is a country famous for a lot of things. Such as metal bands, gold, a unique bus stop, and Nokia. Currently which has over 100,000 employees all over the world combined. But with annual revenue of 29 billion dollars Nokia No Doubt has become a global force. But Nokia’s beginning is also as interesting as Finland.
Today I will be lightening about the history of Nokia. And how Nokia once became the world’s leading company. Nokia was founded in mobile technology 150 years ago.

When an adrenal Fredrik idestam disseminated that Finland would capitalize on the forest industry. What to price the industry and for this, he made a temporary paper note or after some time he made a second paper note on a town. Whose name was Nokia? Which was near to the nokianvirta river.

After a few years, Patrick partnered with another man named lio Mechelen who had some experience of running an Allredy paper note. Lio only convinced Frederick to start the company Nokia and then Frederik retired then Leone did its takeover.

Leo took it over for the company’s new venture to generate electricity by reverse-reversing it, and the duration came in the form of another human Eduard plan that started a company called finish rubber works. that manufactured rubber products such as boots and belts. Nokia company was failing down after World War One.

The finished paper works had gone much further than that and due to this, the company had to run using electricity and paper products.
The finished cable work was found in 1912. And then 20 years later in 1932, it was quiet by finish rubber works.

And this timing was perfect. Sobiyat Union wanted for World War Two demonstration, to repair damaged building in war. The company used to make telephone and electrical cable for Finnish cable works.
The company is run with a lot of benefits from this.

With so much cash available, the company got an opportunity to expand its financial position and its company expanded its opportunity in the new market.

slowly the company which we know as a Nokia has begun from this time. And they started to manufacture the different products in different sectors like Television, paper manufacture, plastic, chemical and many more.

But the real point of the expenses came in 70′s. when Nokia did a very amazing invention that is telephone exchange and it changed everything. In place of the telephone which was kept in one place, now the cellular system had come into the market. In the late ’60s, Nokia already produced radioactive exchange. And the product is used for military.

And around 1978, they had covered 100% coverage All Over the Finland, Of a year after the production of Radioactive Exchange. Nokia collaborated with a company called Salora to develop a telephone network that later became the world’s first cellular network.

Which was an upgrade of the previous radio system and called it one G system, the first cellular system in which analog signals were used. Earley In the 1980´s Nokia launched its first phone called Mobira senator. This phone was effective but somewhat heavier. The weight of each unit was almost 10 kilograms, which made it difficult to be portable. At that time Nokia launched the Mobira talk man which was less little but also excessively in the only a car.

The first truly cellular phone was Mobira city man whose weight was only 800 grams.

But it was quite expensive. Almost 24000 Finland money which was equal to 8200 US Dollars and more expensive, due to high price this product is not being able to run much in the city, it was used by people of very rich and good status and used to call on some time. Status Symbol had become Nokia continued to develop a cellular network and then stabilized 2G GSM anabolic signal to a digital system.

1987 2G system became standard. Across Europe from which data could be digitally sent. Also known as SMS text messages.

In the early ’90s, Nokia is facing a big financial crisis. because Nokia was constantly changing its business. In different industries and with this Nokia sold some of its industries like the paper industry and rubber industry. And Nokia’s spiff one singular focus was telecommunications devices.

In 1994, Nokia lunch its new cellular device Nokia 2100. It also had Nokia’s iconic-ringtone and snack game. Its demand skyrocketed. Originally Nokia had predicted that out of four lakh units would be sold. but actually, it has sold more than 20 million units. World Wide Nokia was finding it difficult to produce the product so rapidly, so they created a new division. that started to handle their tire supply chain from 5 million mobile users in Western World to 25 million in 4 years. Meanwhile, because new brands that were also coming into the market were Ericsson and Motorola. Nokia ko drastic change was necessary to bring and modify.

It would be necessary to do that. Japan has a good supply chain. Nokia has done well to keep developing in its home country. Nokia started its new factory around the world and once Nokia started solving its supply chain issue Kiya Osne left her competition behind.
From 1996 to 2001, they multiplied there’s revenue by 5 × time which was the most interesting. They make there are dominions in the mobile industry. Because they had become the world’s biggest mobile phone distributor.

It seemed like nothing have the power to stop the growth of Nokia company. And then something happened that Nokia went back in time. And this happened with the iPhone’s invention. That year iPhone introduced apple’s 2G network. For Nokia, it was the beginning of the end. It seems very stylish and the design was very premium And which was different from any other mobile phone company.

The parts chips were manufacture without using plastic materials, and it was also the world’s first smartphone with a multi-touch display. And over hight iPhone has created its own extra image all over the market. In a few years, Nokia’s global market share had fallen by more than 5%.

After the iPhone’s debut, Nokia get the greatest lesson about how important innovation is in its product, if you will not put your efforts into the matter, then maybe someone else can take over you, will be left behind because there is always a scope of improvement then how good you are. It was Nokia’s biggest risk to take the risk that gave the iPhone an opportunity to dominate its market.

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