The founder of Alibaba is Jack ma, Jack Ma is the chairman of Alibaba. His original name is Ma Y N. Jack Ma is one of the successful and popular people in the world.
Today the net worth of the founder of Alibaba Jack ma is more than 20 billion. Jack ma born in a middle-class family.

Jeck ma started his business from a grass level. And he has lots of unsuccessful stories in his life.

He begins to learn English at the age of 14 years old. Which many peoples in china didn’t want to do.
Because in that time the main language of China is chines.

So they don’t want to learn English and they don’t give importance to any other languages other than Chinese.

Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma didn’t learn English from any Schools. He works 9 Years as a tourist guide and He learns English from the tourist.
Jack Ma always tries to speak in English with the tourist.

Slowly he is able to make many friends from the foreign.

At that time there is no facility for email and internet. So they used to communicate a message through letters.
After that founder of Alibaba Jack Ma changes his name from a Ma Y N to Jack Ma. slowly peoples know him as a Jack Ma. Jack is very poor in School also.

So he failed much time in School.



He stays many years in the same classes.

He fails two times in a stander 4, Three times in a standard 8th, and 5 times in graduation.

He completed his Graduation in 1988. After Graduation Jack Ma try to search for a job. And again he has been rejected more than 30 times.

Jack submitted a form and try a job in KFC, In that period KFC was newly launched in China.
At that period 23 people are selected for the KFC job, only one person is rejected and that person is Mr, Jack Ma.

After trying many Jobs he was appointed as a lecture in one college. Because of his good English.
After that, he works as an English language translator also.

In the beginning of 1995, he went to America to meet his best friend, He is able to use the internet in America.



That is the first time he uses the internet in his life.

Firstly he used to search the beer on the internet. 

He saw different articles in the beer. But he noticed that he didn’t found the name of the china whale searching the beer.

Slowly he started to search about China.

He didn’t found any things about china on the internet. Finally, he found a good opportunity.

He makes a new website with his friend to connect with the small businessman in china. They gave the name of that website as a China yellow page.

He is didn’t get funding from china even the concept is good. Because of that, he closes that concept.
The main thing about the founder of Alibaba Jack Maa is that he never gets tried after failure.

He again started his new website with the help of 20 people and his wife.
They give the name of that website is Alibaba.

In the beginning, he faces a lot of problems with that concept also.

With the support of Soft bank Jack Ma is able to give the biggest investment for Alibaba.

Alibaba started to give a good business.
Slowly after few years the financially strongest company eBay is not able to survive in front of Alibaba.

The network of Alibaba is more than Facebook. Alibaba earns more than two times than Amazon and eBay’s. Click here