This is the age of computers and the mobile internet. Oxygen, water, food is our basic needs to survive the life in the earth, And Google Map becomes one of the most important parts of our daily life. 

Map in google becomes one of the most important as oxygen to survive on the earth.

 Before people use to view the paper printed map. 

which led to the face of a lot of problems.

 Then paper map users have lots of difficulties to get a perfect location whale driving, And whale tracking some location.

 That is the time whale going around was too much complicated. And very difficulties to fold the map, And to take one place to another. 

And peoples need to stop and ask the direction. To get the perfect location. 

But before 15 years ago that change. Today we are in a digital age.

 We can do each and every search just after commanding in mobile devices and computers with map in Google. 

Today we can get different kinds of digital maps in Google, Which we can found on Android and iso- Apple, and Waze can navigate around traffic and remind your car where you park, And even it will notify you about the natural disaster in the map of Google.

 Before it’s hard to imaging the time before we had these apps. 

In our daily life it has become essential, There are more than one billion users of Google Maps in a month. It mapped different territories of 220 different countries.

 And per day it updated thousands of times. 

Google first makes a map just to point one place to another.

 After collecting millions of images. 

Google map becomes the number one apps of Android and ios in the last twelve years. 

There are billions of people using maps of Google around the world. 

those who are using navigation apps in daily life. And google maps are the leading players in the space.

 It can provide a direction if you are traveling from one place to another by car, bus and cycle.

 Map of Google is supported offline and online. 

So we don’t need the internet to track the accurate location whale driving.

 Over the next few years, Map of Google may grow more multiple bases.

99% of people use Google maps only to search the live location, But there are lots of hidden features inside the google map. 

 Today I will describe the different features and benefits of Google map.



You can download a map from Google of some area, And you don’t need even the internet to track a location while driving.
If you want to use the offline map at that condition Google Map will not be able to provide you the live traffic update.
Google map will provide you the live traffic update only when you are using the Online internet.
Offline maps of Google help quite a lot if you are traveling towards the ruler area, where there is a weak internet connection. If you want to view google Map live then you will need a good internet connection. Before fifteen years ago google succeeded to change the view of the map.



Generally if you want to use a cab in a new location.

Then don’t worry google Maps will provide you a cab in just a single click.
Just view Google map and click on the cab option, Roughly Google Maps will provide you the distances, prices, etc.

Where you can click the UBER AND OLA and book the taxi at a time.



You can become a local guide if you know some missing places on the Google map.

Then you can suggest, contribute and you can upload the photos.
instead of that Google will provide you the points.

And that reward points will give you lots of profit in many things. Because of that if Google found some early access then Google Maps will provide you first.
Slowly Google will provide you a brownie point also.

If you want to make a Google map better to find each and every missing point, Then don’t forget to add the missing places of your local areas.



 lots of the people use to share the location in WHATS AAPS.

But we can get the option of location sharing inside the GOOGLE MAP also.

From there you can also share the real-time live location view Google map.



This is one of the most popular features in the GOOGLE MAPS. And this is one of my favorite features of the map on Google.
It provides me the lots of benefits whale Going towards the office, And whale going back the home from the office.
I set my home and work location.
Google Map provides me the live traffic update, whether there is traffic or not, And which road will be better to reach the office and home in time.
Google Map will provide me with the time that takes to reach my office and home.



.This is a new feature recently added to theGoogle Map.
If your memory power is a little weak. If you want to park a vehicle in a very big Shopping center, Hospital, Police station, etc.
Sometimes it becomes complicated to find a car in the parking lot. Now don’t worry there is a solution to this problem.
Simply save your car parking area and just follow the Google Map.



 There is a speedometer inside the GOOGLE MAP.

Google will calculate by the signal of GPRS, It will show you the real time speed of your vehicle.

There is a live SPEEDO METER inside the GOOGLE MAP.


It will save your mobile and laptop battery while traveling on a long drive.
Just set a dark mode in Google maps, It will be visibly clear in day time also.
It will make you fully back you can use it both in night and day time.



In the map of Google, you can keep a record of the food items that you like and what you don’t like.
So that map from Google will suggest to you the perfect restaurant and hotels for your interest in whale traveling.
For example:- If you like veg then a map from Google will show you all the veg restaurants around you.


In map of Google you can keep a record of the food items that you like and what you don’t like.

So that map from Google will suggest to you the perfect restaurant and hotels with your interest in whale traveling.
For example:- If you like veg then map from Google will show you all veg restaurants around you. 

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