Facebook login

Facebook is a free social networking site on the internet. Where the users can get lots to benefit. People can easily keep in touch with friends, Relatives, and make new friends on the Facebook networking site, By simply login into a Facebook account.

 But what is a social networking site? Social networking site is the online platform which makes a network, And help to communicate with the peoples, From all over the world.

 We can found many social networking sites on the internet.

 For example Facebook, Twitter, linked in, etc. But Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world. Why Facebooking is important for us? Those who have your relation in the social network you can always keep in touch with those peoples, By access Facebook.

For example, if you study in school and college, Then you can communicate with the Fbook page of your school and college. You can get every updated news of Admission date, Exam date, Result date, and functions date of the school and college, By login to Facebook.

 You can chat, call through video calling, Share Photos, Articles, etc, with your family, Relatives, and Friends, And Facebook provides a free service. If you are Fans of political leaders, Actors, players, and any Models then you can follow and like other pages on Facebook,

 Today we can found many organizations, religions, political parties, and institutes on the Facebook login page. If you want then you can be communicated with them on the social networking site through Facebook pages.

 Facebook establish by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004, And now within a few years, there are more than 2.8 billion users. We can simply log in to Facebook through a different internet browser and Mobile phone also. So if you have mobile internet then you can use Facebook login through mobile application also.

 What is a profile page? Those who use the Facebook login, And need to fill up the personal information on the profile page, Where they provide their name, profile photos, Date of birth, where they work, From which school they complete their higher secondary, what is the name of the college and university they study? whether they are in relationships or they are single.

 On this profile page, we can search the peoples by searching the name, email address and we can simply send a friend request, ToFacebooklogin. If you want to make a new Facebook account then you can create your profile page easily, And you can Facebook sign in.

 what is the public page? Popular peoples and celebrities use to make a public page. A public page is a page that is made for the public, And everybody can view the page easily, Just after The Facebook login.

 After following them you can easily communicate with the celebrity, players easily, And you can easily view every moment of them. Where celebrities can directly communicate with the fans, And they can provide the information about how they stay, how they eat, where they visit, what is the next steps of them, etc, And they can share photos and videos also. This all is possible only after login by Facebooker.

How to Log in to Facebook from all devices

Today I will provide full detail about how to Facebook.com login to the Facebook account. There are two different processes to log in to the Fb.com login account. You can use an old Facebook id or you can create a new account to Facebooker login.

 To log in with the older account which you already created on the Facebook page. Normally we log in to an older account when we reset the phone, Or If we install the Facebook apps, To log in by facebooker, Firstly open the Facebook apps, If Facebook notifies us to update the apps, Then update the application to enter Facebook and Facebook account.

 And type an email and password correctly to Facebook sign-in, After that simply click on the login button.

 After that, you can see the interface with your profile name and profile picture. Where you can see the not now and ok button.

 By this process, you can log in to Facebook with your Older account. Read more

Create a new Facebook account

This is a very easy process to create a new Facebook account. To secure

 But lots of people have to face problems to create a new account and logging into Facebook.w Those who are just learning to use the internet. Many people ask me any questions about how to create a new Facebook Id to log in to FB?

 At first, you need to download a Facebook application from ios and android to secure login to Facebook. Or you can directly open Facebook through any internet browser to Facebook signing

 Today everybody has personal cell phone devices. So it is better to download a Facebook application, For the best performance, from android and IOS.

 After downloading a Facebook application. Simply open the Facebook application for logging into Facebook. After that click on the CREATE NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. After that fill in your First name and second name, Again click the next button. After that Facebook will ask you about the year and date of your birthday. After filling in the date and year of your birthday.

 Click the next button.

 And Facebook asks your Gender whether you are male, female and you can click the custom button, To choose another Gender or if you don’t like to share your gender. And again click the next button.

 After that, you need to fill in your Mobile number.

 Mobile numbers and email addresses are important to recover your Facebook account.

 If in some condition you forgot your password. At that period Facebook will send you a one-time password (OTP), By that (OTP) you can recover your password. After Entering your email id or mobile number.

 Again click the next button, Then after that Facebook will ask to choose a new password.

 It is better to choose a strong password. Choose Numbers, alphabet, and sign to create a strong password. After creating a strong password, Again click the next button.

 Then after that finishing Sign up interface will appear. After that simply click the signup button. If you want to save a password on the device you can click the button to save the password.

 If you save your password on the mobile device then Facebook will open in your device with just one single tap. If you don’t want to save the password on your device you can simply click on the not now button.

 After that Facebook will show your email id, phone number, and password to confirm it. After that, if it is correct then click on the ok button. Again Facebook will send you a one-time password (OTP) in your mobile number or email id.

 After confirmation of OTP, Add your profile picture. Log into Facebook will suggest to you a friend you may know. If you want to add a friend then you can send a friend request. If you don’t want to send a friend request the simply click on the skip button.

 Now your account is ready to use.