If you are new and if you don’t know about Crypto currency, Today I will provide a complete detail about crypto currency. Lots of the peoples want to invest money in crypto currency,
But many of them don’t know how does cryptocurrency works? And they don’t have a big amount to invest in Crypto currency. Many people have financial problems, Because of financial problems, Many people started to invest in the Forex market.
They started to invest 30 to 50 dollars, And it is a very small amount to invest in Forex trading. But Forex trading market is a margin trading platform. To trade on this platform you need to make a strong portfolio.
So many peoples who invest a small amount in Forex, They usually lose the money. If we talk about the loss then there is a low risk in the Crypto market than the forex market.
But please don’t be overconfident with the Crypto market, Because there is the biggest risk in any kind of coin market. But there is low risk in the Crypto market. So I will provide a  complete detail about how does Cryptocurrency works? Many times if you invest in the forex industry some time your account may go completely zero, And you may lose a total amount at a time.
But if you started to trade in cryptomarket then there are fewer chances to be zero balance in your account. If you initially don’t want to invest a big money to invest in the cryptomarket. With a minimum investment, you can start to invest in the Crypto market.


This is the digital world, In this high-speed Advance, world currency started to run digitally. And The Actual name of the digital currency is Crypto currency. You might listen to the name of bitcoin many times. So that you are here in my article. In the year 2009. crypto currency establishes as a virtual currency. Bitcoin is the first King of digital currency. This digital currency is not like money that you carry in your own wallet and you can’t pay it with your hands. It is an online currency, which you can save as a digital currency. We can transfer and use this Crypto currency by mobile and computer only Because it exists online only. Crypto currency is different than the banking system. People can transfer crypto currency from one person to another. It is all done online only.


How does Cryptocurrency work? To trade in a Crypto market first you need to buy a coin. Firstly you need to purchase a bitcoin with a different currency of the world. Lots of people have a big confusion about the purchasing of crypto currency coins. Wazirx is one of the best exchangers, By the help of Wazirx, you can purchase Bitcoin easily. Then after you purchase the bitcoin, You have to choose the Cryptocurrency exchanger. In this current situation, you can found lots of Crypto currency exchangers in the Market. If we talk about the top exchanger, Then Binance, Wazirx, Gate. Io, Bitbns, Kucoin, Coinswitch, etc are the real Crypto Currency exchanges in the market. You can choose the binance exchanger because it is a very trusted, Popular and big exchanger. If you want to start crypto trading then you need to purchase a bitcoin. If you don’t have a bitcoin then you will not able to start crypto trading. After purchasing a bitcoin through wazirx. Again you have to open a Binance link and after that, you have to sign up in the Binance account. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized market. This currency doesn’t run under anybody. Lots of scammers are there in the market. There are lots of duplicate websites which is similar to the original one. So try to find out the authentic and official website, scammers may loot your currency and run away. There are lots of fishing websites with the name binance .com. So always try to find out the original one.


How does cryptocurrency work? There are more than 5k Cryptocurrency in the world. libra, litecoin, Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, ethereum are one of the very popular digital currencies in the virtual world. You easily can buy and sell these currencies. And you can invest in those currencies easily. Many companies of the world started to accept the bitcoin currency in the world. It all is Possible Because of the largest popularity of bitcoin. You can use a bitcoin for online shopping, online payment in the Shopping mall, Online food delivery, Buying tickets for Traveling, And you can pay the bills of the hotels also. But bitcoin will not accept in every place. Firstly you need to make sure about it before making payment through Crypto currency. Click here


In the year 2020 Crypto currency become legalized in India. Before In India Crypto currency is a ban by the Reserve bank of India. So Because of the band by RBI. People in India used to think of Cryptocurrency as an illegal Wallet. So Crypto wallet is less popular In India. So to date bitcoin is not able to make a good market in India. Slowly people are moving towards Cryptocurrency in the Indian market. And day by day Cryptocurrency is increasing the market in India rapidly.