Best I-phone to buy in 2021. Apple products and the iPhone have big popularity in the world.

Every people have a dream to buy an I-phone once in a life, With their savings. And they have a dream to buy a phone with the logo of half Apple.
In the year 2020 in India there are different kinds of options to buy an I-phone, In different price brackets, And at a reasonable price.
Recently people get an offer on 26 January and big billion days.

Lots of people buy an I-phone at discount prices.If we talk about the Indian market, We have many options to buy an I-phone.

For example I-phone, Ace, I-phone 10r, I-phone 11, I-phone 12, iPhone XR, etc.
So today I will write an article about the best I-phone Guide to buy the best I-phone.

If you don’t have a fixed budget and variable budget, And if you are thinking that there are lots of options to buy the best i-phone in medium or low range, But which model will be best to buy.

Today I will clear about it.
So if you want to buy an i-phone which is value for money.
It’s better to pick I-phone 11,12 or Ace.

1-  I-phone 11 pro

This phone is more valuable for money. There are lots of reasons. Let me describe it. Firstly if I describe the pros,

Even after one year of manufacture, it gives a brilliantly best performance. It comes with an A13 chip, By which performs decently well.

If we talk about day-to-day use, Multi text, and if we talk about the high-end game like pubg, Genshin impact, If you play it in highest setting then also you can see constant 60 fps.
Let’s talk about the camera here you can get primary and ultra-wide.

If we compare it with the iPhone 12 here you can get almost the similarity with iPhone 11. You can get 90% camera performance similarity with I-phone 12.
Let’s talk about the video quality, It supports 4K 60FPS, It has the best camera performance.
let’s talk about the battery, It will give 7 to 8 hrs screen on time battery back up. So I have got zero complaints about an I-phone 11 battery life.
If I focus on the cons of the I-phone 11 then firstly I want to go towards the display. I -phone 11 comes with an LCD display, not a proper full HD display.
It comes with a nearly 720 p display, But the quality of the display is Good.

It comes with one of the best LCD panels. Comparing with the same price range phones like MI 10t, One plus 8 pros, You can get the better display. This is one thing that I didn’t like. And another thing is that you didn’t get 5G on I-phone 11. It is 4G only.

These two things I didn’t like about the I-phone 11. But if you see it in a package it is one of the best phones to buy. You can easily afford this phone.

It will cost around 50 to 55 thousand Indian rupees.
After one year also It will be one of the best i- phone to buy at an affordable price.

2- I-phone 12

let’s talk about the iPhone 12 It is more expensive to buy. It will not come in a sector of value for money product. But I-phone 12 will short each and every complaint of i-phone 11.

If we focus on display apple provides Full HD display in 12 series. And they provide an AMOLED panel also.

which are the best parts of the 12 series. Because of the Amoled panel, the performance of the display is brilliant. The best part of the I-phone 12 is it supports 5G.

If you are planning to use the device for a long period the 12 series will be the best to buy.
I-phone 12 is a new phone then obviously you can get an update up to 2024. So you don’t have to worry about it.
In a comparison of the iPhone 11, they upgraded the camera also.
Apple improves the primary sensor also.

In wide-angle, you can find Deep fusion and night mode also. By which the quality of photos will improve more. It inbuilt night mode in the selfie camera.

If we talk about video. You can record the video in Dolvi vision. You can get these all upgrades to compare to the i-phone 11. I-phone 12 Prise range is vastly different than the i-phone 11. For i-phone 12 Customers have to pay more than 20000 Indian rupees.

If you want to buy the latest I-phone then go for the i-phone 12.
If we look at the all series of I-phone 12 then I will choose the I-phone 12, because I-phone 12 is the best value for money phone.

1-Battery life is best.
2- It supports 5G.
3- Serious speaker is best.
4-Improvement of the display.
Overall if you want the best and latest I-phone 12 is the best to buy.

3- iPhone SE

let’s talk about i-phone SE. There are lots of problems with this phone. Because the display of i-phone SE is very small.

I didn’t feel good to use this series.
Battery life is also very week in i-phone SE.

If you heavily use the phone, then it will give a backup for 5 to 6 hours. And again we need to charge the phone.
Battery life and display are definitely a deal-breaker.
But the positive thing about SE is you can get a touch id. And you can get Apple A13 bionic chipset in the SR series. Which will perform very well.
You can get up to 5 years of software update.
The camera is better than the i-phone XR.

But you will not get night mode in i-phone SE. The front-facing camera is not so better. You can get a 720p display on this phone that is not that great. Click here for more detail

4- I-phone XR

I-phone XR is the best entry-level i-phone. If someone doesn’t want to buy the i-phone at a high price. But they want to buy an I-phone.

I think i-phone XR is a good entry point because whatever we want in an i-phone we can easily get the basic features of the i-phone.
Basically, If we talk about the day-to-day performances like multi-texting, Application opening, Speed memory management it performs in the best way.
In fact, if you want to use i-phone 12 and i-phone XR in day-to-day uses, Then you will not see the vast difference in both phones.
We can play any kind of game. It will give the best Gaming performances. You can play smooth Xtreme gaming PUBG at 60 fps.
Let’s talk about battery life. Battery life is insane in i-phone XR.

With the battery life which you see in i-phone 11 and iPhone 12, you can get similar battery life in i-phone XR.
Even i-phone XR is 2-3 years older phone, But also apple will provide software updates in the next 2-3 years. If you want an updated software, That is not a problem with the iPhone.
In terms of display, it will come to the back level.

The display of 10R and i-phone 11 come with the same display quality, Both have LCD and didn’t have 10 ATP. So you need to compromise in the sector of the display.

The camera performance of the i-phone XR is not good as the i-phone 11 and i-phone 12 series. It will click closer in daylight.

But if we talk about low light. XR doesn’t support the night mode. Indoor performance is a little good. the performance of the front-facing camera is ok.

But it’s not good as i-phone 11.
These are the things that we need to compromise in the XR series. But this is the best entry-level i-phone.
In iPhone XR you will not get in building 5G.

But the rest of the features are best like performances, battery life. And the rest of the things are best and you can buy i-phone XR.