Many companies are preparing to bring 5G mobile. The next time is preparing for the fifth generation of the mobile network. 5G Going to be completely different from earlier mobile networks.

1G gave us analog so that we could call each other and send messages, And it becomes possible to record voice and send messages with 2G.
3G was about the easy use of smartphone broadband digital service.
4G gave faster speed for all these mention things.
5G speed is like going from Earth to Mars. This is not just fast but a completely different world. In this world, machines will talk to each other.

They will talk to you, To make this possible many antennas will have to be installed everywhere. There will be millions of devices waiting for connection with the antenna.

So that they can talk to each other and be able to make decisions in harmony with each other. And perhaps it will make our life easier so much easier than today’s generation. And today to make our life easier, that you might not even think so much, the recipe of white will help control the power consumption in your home,

It will help your fridge to decide. When to order all the vegetables for you so that the self-driving truck can deliver them. Your dishwasher and washing machine will also understand when you have to wash dishes.

Right now we have to give instructions to our machines 5G that machines in the world will take your opinion or can take decisions among themselves.

When machines will be set up, then the human beings will start doing their work in a regular way, while walking on the road, your car will be thinking that while passing through the building or on a road moving the bicycle, your car will be connected to all the Parliament around it. Far enough away that you can’t even see everything will be easy.

5G will give a lot of speed to the devices. But with speed the stability in the connection is also necessary as these devices are constantly connected to the different antenna, then when you will be passing faster.

How much speed can this connection would be stable ? Many companies are trying to test here that if you are sitting in a train and its speed is very high, can the 5G network work properly there, and can a super-Fast internet can be taken, such experiments can be done worldwide.

How the world will change with 5G internet? Today I will define it in different ways, If you google on the internet about the 5g, Thousands of bloggers will expound about the revolution of 5G internet in the entire world. What are the reasons that 5G internet makes very important? Is 5G perform really greater than 4G? 

Infect 5 G will basically think to be quicker, faster, and smarter, And more capable than 4G internet. The speed of mobile data would be better than a broadband internet connection. It will perform better speed up to 100GB per second. 5G is 100 times better than 4G internet. There is not a vast difference between 5G and 4G keys.

The time needed to transfer the data from the device to the recipient with the latency. Lower latency will replace your wire, Wifi, and modem to connect with your mobile phone. Wich  isn’t having any kind of sudden crash of the internet networks on the main internet devices. You can download any video images or files. And upload any kind of files immediately. And without lag, you can enjoy the 4k videos virtually so quickly. In just a zero buffer time.

We cannot do many things with the 4G, Time is changing rapidly and lots of things are changing, So 4G internet is not Enough! To prefer better performance for future technology.
4G Internet is not enough to handle the upcoming technology. So the required speed doesn’t offer by 4g internet, And latency to work this infrastructure.